Hotel Shree Radhey Radhey
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The entire Rishikesh Nagar is in the lap of the Himalaya Mountains, which is the main entrance to the four Dham of Uttarakhand. is situated along the Mokshadayini Maa Ganga. Hotel Shree Radhey Radhey is situated on a distance of a minute walk on the banks of Mokshadayini Maa Ganga in the Swargashram area , And at a distance of a minute, it is situated near the Rajaji National Park in the lap of Manikut mountain with the wonderful and divine supernatural powers of the Himalaya mountain. The distance from the car from Shri Radhe Radhe, the hotel of the world famous Shakti Bench Nirkar Mahadev and The Patal Maa Bhuwaneshwari Temple, is 22 kms. and distance from the walk - 14 km . Swargashram is a spiritual area. It has been the spiritual land of Rishi-Muni. Here lies the divine powers on the . Swargashram is the city of yoga and meditation. Living here gives eternal peace to the mind. The atmosphere of divine medicine is built here in its environment . The Swargashram area is like heaven in front of its name hotel Shri Radhe Radhe was established in 1996 by (late Shri) Radhakishan Agarwal.
Chris Coleman - General Manager
Uttaranchal Ratan Nigam
Uttaranchal Ratan Nigam is the best undertaking of Uttranchand State. Established in 2003, after the formation of the State of Uttrakhand by General Manager (Advocate) Ashok Agarwal.
Cab Services For Char Dham Yatra
Hotel Shree Radhey Radhey provide Cab services for Char Dham Yatra
Bike/Scooty For Rent
Travelling by Bike is a good option for a hassle free travelling, especially for foreign tourists who are travelling for the first time.
Ayurveda was born and developed in India. Ananta Ayurveda Panchakarma Center & Spa is the finest and best Spa in Rishikesh for a variety of Ayurvedic massage therapy & treatment.